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  • Made of aluminum alloy, durable, and heat dissipation design for fans Optical glass with high transparency, ensuring clear video images Compliance with Huawei’s class-C anti-corrosion standards Built-in white light illuminator


Technical Spec FH-5160SHB-HW (02411754)
Anti-corrosion level Class C
Net weight 2.52 kg
Gross weight 2.6 kg
IP rating IP65 (claimed IP66 in China)
Product dimensions 160 mm x 480 mm x 137 mm
Package dimensions 300 mm x 550 mm x 230 mm
Application scenario Applied in places requiring license plate recognition, such as urban collector roads, branch roads, provincial roads, county roads, and campus entrances/exits
Operating voltage 24 V AC
Anti-vibration standard GB 15211-2014
Power 40 W
Illuminator color temperature 5500–6500 K
Surge protection 4 kV surge protection that meets the IEC 6100 standard
Viewing window size 90 mm x 60 mm
Auto temperature control Heater enabled: 2° to 8° (the fan is also running); heater disabled: 12° to 18° Fan enabled: 37° to 43°; fan disabled: 22° to 28°
Brightness adjustment None
Illuminator control mode Boolean value
Material Cast aluminium and aluminum alloy
Load bearing None

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Weight 1 kg

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