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16T 64-channel 8-disk intelligent Micro Edge
  • High performance and flexibility
  • High reliability
  • Multiple intelligent analysis functions
  • Easy deployment and maintenance


  • Multiple intelligent analysis functions
    • Supports SDCs for access and collaboration of multiple intelligent analysis functions such as target analysis, person analysis, vehicle analysis, smart tracking, and behavior analysis
  • High reliability
    • Supports SafeVideo+ technology, ensuring that data is still readable and writable in remaining normal disks upon a RAID5 failure
    • Supports video buffering technology, ensuring video data integrity
    • Supports recording lock, preventing important recordings from being overwritten within a specified period
  • High performance and flexibility
    • 16T 64-channel network video access, 320 Mbit/s video input
    • 64 channels of all-channel image-based intelligent analysis
    • Supports hybrid storage of video and images
    • Supports algorithm plug-in integration and management
  • Easy deployment and maintenance
    • Plug-and-play and automatic configuration discovery
Technical Spec
Video forwarding 64-channel forwarding at 320 Mbit/s (160 Mbit/s with intelligent services enabled)
Playback/Download 32 channels, 160 Mbit/s playback
Video input 64-channel access at 320 Mbit/s (160 Mbit/s storage with intelligent services enabled)

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